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Friday, 13 May 2011


The good people whom you believe think you're over your head, the good ones, I said! We care for your health, and so try to keep you from taking flight beyond where you could get hurt. Anyone else who doesn't qualify, should not matter.

There's a likeable note to this on-going scenario, which makes me say, having an inspiration is a wonderful world.

They say, once in a life, one finds a "thing" worth giving everything up for.

Yours is the kind of dream which should give you peace that it's, One Way Is Ok!

That is one way to define Unconditional Love, and Unconditional Love? Now that is Inspiring!

If anyone should inspire you so, Rinabelle? I envy you, because you will have more counts of being the happiest person alive, than most people can ever realize.

When you wrote, "all you want to do is, do the right thing." Only your best friends and those who love you, can rightly imagine what that phrase means to someone, like you, Rinabelle.

It's now all about who your friends for life are. They say one should be able to count those with your hands, so keep your mind's eye open for them.

And oh, don't forget to try to forgive.


I've been thoroughly entertained and uplifted by this little journey of yours, cuz. And it's really helped broaden my perspective on what are the human experiences worth celebrating -- in great (such as marrying someone) or small (such as writing a letter) ways. Like I told you, there's a fine line between creepy obsession and worthwhile playfulness. Standing close to the edge is always a good show!

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