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Friday, 22 April 2011


Brava, cousin! When I got wind of the #chasingcavill hullabaloo from our circle of cousins, I was intrigued. Upon reading your posts and tweets, I get exactly what you mean. Let's have a big view of love and let's have some fun while we're at it. And if we get a date with a Hollywood star, then what a bonus! This chase brings me back to classic Rina of our childhood. Remember the chase you began that involved "The Cat"?

there is so much of this post that I love.

"He is Henry Cavill... but I am Lloyd Dobler..."
"Even Neo failed the jump test..."
"Are people no longer amazed that we can fly by airplanes? Or that we've built spaceships, a space station and that man has landed on the moon!"
"I repeat, the world is not flat!"

belle, this capacity for wonder, to dream, to want the best, is one of the key reasons I love (not loved) you. I never want either of us to lose that.

and I've always been impressed by your writing. moved by it too. this post is especially cool... x

remember, even when I doubted your crazy impetuousness to jump for the Shoot Shoreditch hook in the sky, I was there to catch you if you fell. and will still be there now to pick you up if/when you hit the ground and give you a boost, encourage you to try again.


ps that bit about "I hear my Beloved. See how he comes leaping on the mountains. Bounding over the hills..." reminds me of that extra scene in Napoleon Dynamite, when he comes riding in on that white stallion... GOSH! You're so reTARded! x

pps love the xkcd cartoon too, by the way - I thought that one might appeal to you... x

Kiddo - thanks for reminding me about "The Cat". I guess I was always a social gamer even then with my scavenger hunt antics.

Batman - whoa, a lovely surprise to read your comments. Thank you for the kind words x

I also recommend that people follow Thought Catalog:

"But! A confession of love for a relative stranger is what some of our greatest works of literature and poetry is all about! Eighty percent of all movies and songs are about suddenly meeting the person of your dreams and reaching out to show how you feel. And if they aren’t having it, you’re supposed to somehow prove that the two of you are meant to be together. The collective creative mindset says the way to do this is through some grand romantic gesture. Nope—apparently what that action means in real life is that you are a desperate weirdo who people should run away from at parties..."

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