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Friday, 01 April 2011


HAAAHAAAAA. Rina you are stranger than fiction.
Yes you are a star on the rise and the awesome-est shortstack I know. (1 love) and I stay true to my word that should you accomplish your feat, I in return shall eat my feet, or one foot. (the idea of being called Peg leg Joe isn't so bad a thought).

Batman truly does rule. And in hindsight, Super would most likely better your previous encounters of the douche-kind. All the best. Green Lantern is still my fave.

Someone named the sandwich king is a douche. What a shock! How is it that chicks dont see that sort of thing a mile away?

Ate Rina, if Henry were to really meet you, I bet he'll just be mind boggled by your unique evilness. In fact, everyone would be just by reading this. Oh and yeah, you do rule, and our family rocks! hahaha.

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