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Thursday, 04 September 2008


cool post! hehe same thoughts here! wouldn't want another miel plaguing society; joke lang! My point of view is i'm being selfish and there are a lot of things i want to do. As of the moment being a parent is not in vocabulary yet. Sure maybe when i reach a certain age (30's), perspective may change and who knows the realization to breed. Bottomline, take it easy, enjoy life, get drunk, compete, take risks and settle down when you're freakin 60 hehehe!

gugustuhin mo ring magka-anak someday. and you will... hehehe :)

I love the entry. I believe that kids are a gift, as much as special people are gifts to us too. Personally, I'd say that if you want kids, go for it. If you don't then, maybe it's not yet time, you won't be emotionally and physically ready for the role of being a parent. You know? :)

I disagree with the lady in the article: Having kids, getting married, and settling down doesn't define a person. Someone who is unsettled alone and single will never be complete with kids or a spouse unless she is settled and content in herself, who she is, and her place in this world. For someone like me -- married and preparing myself physically and emotionally for children -- I know that completion is not in fitting into a social mold of what you ought to be. It's in living your purpose, wherever it is you are in life.

Oh, and by the way, I agree about the cat-dog situation. Cute, yes, but not enough to tempt me to adopt one. Too much responsibility!

Here's the thing. I think that we humans haven't really adapted many of our habits to the way the world is now. I'm not saying all the traditions are defunct. I'm only proposing that perhaps we need to be more updated/upgraded about what we're doing.

We're living longer. There is no shortage of children in need of parenting, from adoption to foster homes, and the age old what is the meaning of life is an ongoing process. Why should we lead template lives?!

If I'll want to have kids, it will be in the desperate Utopian desire that they will make the world a better place than I ever did. But in that case, why do I need to have my own. I could also just teach others.

It's not that I don't want responsibility. Hardly. It's just understanding that the creation of life is more than sperm + egg and cute little pink frilly socks, and Johnson&Johnson TLC. Babies should certainly NOT be an accessory or supplement in someone else's life.

I do believe that children are the future, and they are indeed a great gift. They are the hope of the planet. Which is why I think society should seriously invest in them more, and ensure they are brought into this world properly, with more substantial and enterprising concern!

I love how in the sexist, archaic, bibliform cartoon, Eve is always the fuckup.

Here's my input. I'm a firm believer in the fact that life throws you a shit load of curve balls. No matter how much we'd like to be in control of our destiny, shit will happen. No doubt about it. In this case, having a licence to have kids is just ludicrous. Just because one passes ones driving test doesn't mean one won't have an accident. You live you learn. However I completely agree that a baby is not an accessory, which I do think only a minority of people use that as a reason. Personally I think an unexplainable bond is made between child and mother during those 9 months, hence most parents I think (I may be wrong) naturally would want only the best for their kids.
On the subject of adoption; I think it's a very noble act. But nothing replaces knowing your bloodline lives on. (again other people may have different views. Besides i wouldn't miss out on the act of procreation. But when I'm ready. Right now I'm with Pahati, get drunk, enjoy my 20's, risks are unavoidable in life so I'll take what life throws at me. "How is it that some people sit in the sun looking like sour apples, and there are those that whistle in the rain." I AM A RAIN WHISTLER. And on that note: Rina you do think way too much.

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