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Saturday, 26 July 2008


i watched it three times in the movie theater. Yes, i really liked how joker tested everyone from batman, the mafia, the politicians even the community itself. Of course you should never lose hope in people! Yes, i liked the script writing too. I would like to commend the repetition of some lines by Harvey Dent to drive a point. I also like Gary Oldman, i hope he is nominated for best-supporting actor. I also liked the scene with the big colored inmate showed some dignity where other innocent couldn't; "i'll do what you should have done ten mins ago!" It was a really gripping movie for me!

you have to give credit to the press though for keeping some secrets. There have been little direct mentions and no photos released on the arrival of one of Batman's other famous enemies during the course of the film

Miel: Read this review from The Times by this old miserable git. The writer is an idiot and his surname, rather appropriately, is 'Cox' - Why The Dark Knight Is So Dim - GRRR. He gets on my nerves for his lack of geek IQ.

Henderson: Pfft. Fine, some credit for not completely spoiling the film with revelations. But hardly worth even the faintest of an applause.

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